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Just hair salon於1999開業,現開業在尖沙咀潮流和人流的地方,佔地4000多尺,有足夠空間感,旁邊是大型購物商場,位於地鉄站出口,交通方便;本店宗旨「以客為先,以髪型師為本」,對美髮有不息的信念

Just Hair Salon, established since 1999, is now serving the community in the stylish region of Tsim Sha Tsui, an area with heavy flood of people. The Salon has a spatial arena of 4000 sq. ft. for our stylists to show their talents. Neighbored by landmark shopping mall and MTR station, making it easily accessible. The Aim of the Salon is: CUSTOMERS FIRST, STYLISTS ORIENTED. We have ever-progressing ideas in hair style.


We run a hair salon in its best traditions. Our guys will help you look
stylish and confident, and most importantly, manly

Shampoo & Hair Cut

Senior Stylist             $210
Top Stylist        $280up
Shampoo & Finishing  $150-$250
Put-Up        $480up


Setting Perm            $880-$1300
Technical Perm       $780-$980
Special Perm            $750-$1300
ION Straightening  $880-$1300
Partial Wave            $450up


Colour   $480-$580
Highlights with Base   $680-$980


Moisturizing Treatment                 $450-$650
Deep Intensive Care Treatment   $550-$1200

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